I quit

A certain famous female blogger started Oprah’s recommended 21 day cleanse .  And then she quit.  Stopped.  Put the brakes on.  Fell off the wagon.  Is not doing that anymore Over the years, I have quit lots of things, diets, jobs, friendships, worrying about things I can’t control.  The thing about quitting is that it […]


look at this little guy sitting calmly behind the grown ups. he is comfortable that no one will back up and step on him, he is not in a rush to eat, the big kids let him eat first.  the big kids, of course, are his siblings.  over the years we have had kids come […]


  I feel like I have a vacancy.  In my head. I’ve not felt very engaged the last few days.  The weather has been unpredictable, thundering, rainy and sunny all at the same time.  BB has been working late hours and I haven’t seen much of him.   I have a lot of chores that are begging to […]

a keepsake for my heart

i am getting one of these for my heart.  this little device will hopefully plug my pfo, patent foramen ovale, and stop the bloodclots that like to scream around inside me looking for a bad place to throw up a tent and block the way for the rest of the blood.   while i was […]

hosta la vista

this beautiful hosta garden is hidden in the park across from our soon to be new condo.  hidden away in a shady area, it has a very magical feel to it.  the light that filters through the trees is very special.    yesterday a. and i took a road trip up to my brother's long […]

This or that? You choose.

How do you choose something? What is your process?  Do you know immediately or do you dither around? Sometimes it’s visceral.  I love that thing.  Easy.  Done. Other times?  I have no earthly idea how to make the right choice and then it’s not fun, it’s stressful and panic making. I suspect you’re like me, […]

jump and a net will appear

last week on cheap movie tuesday the newly released sex in the city was beckoning.  my friend and i headed to a local theatre for the afternoon show only to find a steady stream of strollers and moms….baby tuesday.  yep, lights on, sound down low, babies in every seat.   we tore across town to […]


Ah, we missed a day.  Oh well.   I’m at work and my keyboard is misbehaving.  Busy night tonight, we’re off to Toronto to deliver the motorcycle.  BB sold it this weekend.  The weather is frightful, thunder, lightning, rain, wind so I am thankful we’re going in a truck. Here’s a picture to tide us over  […]


This morning, I found myself at the farmer’s market before I had even had coffee.  It’s busy on Saturdays and it is worth it to get there early, I scored homemade breakfast sandwiches, a dozen eggs, lettuce, radishes, strawberries and garlic scapes.  I had plans to have a lazy day, do a bit of cooking […]

this rare notebook

several months ago A. went to beijing to attend a three week conference on climate change.  we sent him well versed on what to buy, which knock off jeans, those knock off running shoes, and of course, my new purses.  now A. is a terrific couch shopper, prop him up with that little white macbook […]