Love Thursday

Time has been all jumbled this past week.  It is hard to believe that Thursday is here again. My husband holds the key to my heart.  We had a late start with our marriage.  I was 43 and he was 49.    I never planned on marrying.  It just wasn’t going to happen, fortunately I […]

charley the chocolate lab

i never loved a dog.  i have had many dogs during my short 55 years, good dogs, bad dogs, but i never actually loved any of them.  oh i was nice enough, and the kids loved them, and my late husband, the bear, loved them but i never loved them.  don't tell the sister but […]

About my sister.

My heart is hurting a little bit.  Not the way Margie’s heart is hurting but mine is hurting for her.  I know this surgery is necessary, I want her to have it so that she can be better. She wants to have it so she can be better. We have been reaching out to each […]

Whirlwind Visit

Friday evening to today at noon.   800 km round trip.  The drive could have been shorter and the visit longer.It doesn’t matter though, we made the most of the shorty visit and cooked, ate, drank, walked, talked, took pictures, laughed, sat on the dock and had coffee together two mornings in a row. The little […]

I’m a fan.

I’m a fan of fans.  Margie and I had a conversation at the beginning of the summer where we agreed that if you have a good fan, ceiling, desk or handheld, it’s really all you need to stay cool. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s hot, I still put on the air, but most of […]

Grow your own salad bowls.

Last evening was beautiful.  I felt a breeze, saw shadowy spooky clouds and watched an amazing lightning storm.  I went out to water my pot plants (no, no!  I mean my pots with plants in them) and had the greatest idea. I love it when I find a treasure whether it be from a garage sale, a […]

home again

remember the other day we were heading off to do something with our half naked cottage bathroom? well we are home again and happy with our progress. we went from before to after and are not quite finished but thank goodness we can see the finish line. there is always lots to do at a […]

On birthdays, gifts, cleaning and goals.

I know, the morning is almost over.  It’s raining here, we were tired and gave ourselves the luxurious gift of sleeping in and laying about.  Coffee, newspapers, magazines in bed.  We turned the air conditioning off, opened the windows, set the ceiling fan whirring and wasted half the day reading snippets aloud to each other, […]