love thursday, yay shutter sisters

i know that we are only supposed to post one photo for love thursday but …whatever.  i have been lucky in love, more than once.  i have so much love for so many people it sometimes astounds me. yesterday, my three year old grandson had his first hair cut. it was something!! my son and his wife are traditional jews and as is the custom his hair was not cut until his third birthday. 

DSC_0050this is the before photo.  this is david, named after my late husband, his grandfather, who he never met. David is a skateboarder just like his own dad. he is gentle, sweet, athletic and i cannot believe how much i love him.  it kills me.  i can't stop looking at him. he rocks me.  there was a party and all the little children had a turn cutting a piece of his hair in return for a candy.  yup, you read that right.  

and here is how he looks today and even with the short little haircut i know it won't be long before he throws on his helmet, hits the skate park with his dad and does what he LOVES best, a kick flip, riding a rail, skating the bowl, trying not to bail.  

Father and son 
cause that is love, loving the same thing your dad loves and being together. 

9 thoughts on “love thursday, yay shutter sisters

  1. oh my gosh margie…your love for those in your life is as endearing as these photos are. little skater boy. love thursday to you girls too.

  2. Adorable! and isnt it amazing when they get their first hair cuts. I always used to laugh when my youngest got her as it would accent her plump little face. it’s like magic the way it ages and changes their appearance.

  3. Wow. That is so cool that they do that together. My hubby and son golf together now and it just makes my heart sing to have them go and do it and then talk so much about it afterwards.
    I can’t believe how the haircut changed your David. (My hubs is a David, and it’s my son’s middle name too). Your David is just soooo cute.

  4. He looks like such a big boy now! What awesome pictures of the two of them together. It’s the quality time together that means the most.
    I was loved by a David also! It’s something about the sweet David’s of the world : )

  5. He is too sweet and I love how different but equally adorable he looks with his two hairstyles. The photo of him skateboarding really grabs me, the concentration and balance for such a little guy- LOVE it!

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