Here's a toast to us. I opened typepad and saw that this is our 100th post.   and i opened the post and saw that kath had scored the 100th post and i thought to myself, oh no you don't missy. without even asking i have jumped in here and decided to share this momentous occasion.    […]

l’shana tova!

fall, a favourite time of year for many of us for many different reasons.  school starts, schedules realign, routines resurface, NFL football returns, yeah i know i am canadian but we are an NFL family all the way, but now it is holiday time.  the jewish new year, roshashana is this week, and today, i […]

rose coloured glasses

I loved Margie's post yesterday.   Seeing my great-nephew and Charley always puts a smile on my face.    But it was her words that really got me and I was nodding and thinking yup, yes, I hear ya.  We do get side-tracked don't we?  Best laid plans and all that. I am writing this on Friday […]

Love Thursday

The heart in this photo is hidden, you can't see it.  It is in the person who made this marker in love and remembrance. I was on a walk with BB and this caught my eye. I stared at it for a very long time before the realization dawned on me that I was standing at […]

bon voyage

i know you must think i spend an awful lot of time at the cottage and perhaps that's true but for those of you who do not live in our neck of the woods, well, it's part of our culture.  we talk about cottage country, we grab every chance to get out of the city, […]


2008 09 12_4269, originally uploaded by kathstewart. I don't see my sister today. She must be busy reorienting to city life and attending to all the chores that built up while she was at the cottage. Here's a photo for you to enjoy while we wait for Margie! I'm at work and am secretly doing […]


I spent the last weekend of the summer, meandering about.  You know the kind of weekend.   Started with BB and I heading out for breakfast at the diner, bacon and eggs, because that won't be happening again any time soon (we have five days until the Challenge begins). I dropped him at work and parked […]