Trick or Treat!

      I'm updating at lunchtime today.   We had a busy night last night getting ready for Halloween and Margie's visit.     We did a smart thing by packaging up the candy into treat bags.  I'm not tempted to grab "just one" from an open bowl.   But I will have a cheat day today […]

Healthy Shmealthy

I'm disappointed.  I figured all the healthy eating, exercising and vitamin-taking on our 8 week challenge would provide me with some sort of superhero protection against the common cold which is making the rounds in our office.  Nope.  It got me.    Aside from the annoying scratchy throat, nagging cough, sniffy nose and tiredness, the really […]

take time

on the organization road again this week.  i have a multitude of tasks, big and small, some are just phone calls, bills to be paid and medical appointments to be made and kept.  sadly i have to admit that during the great desk cleanup of last week, i discovered i had missed a very important […]

Sky Hunters

When BB and I went to Ball's Falls to the Thanksgiving Festival we discovered an exhibit of birds of prey.    I was mesmerized by the bald eagle. Then she took a bath. She didn't seem quite so tough then.  Go read Margie's post from yesterday.  Who did she buy those fish for?  I don't […]

weekend bliss

it was pouring here yesterday.  raining cats and dogs, knocking down the last of the autumn leaves, soaking the ones already on the ground, an impossible day to attempt any clean up in the yard.  don't tell my sister but we hung around home friday night, had a delicious steak dinner, listened to music, laughed […]


The pumpkin trees have laid their pumpkins on the ground. This beauty is laying a carpet of leaves on our front lawn. This happens way too early in the evening. Then you blink and you turn around and this is rising So, what are you up to this fine day?   I'm off to school […]

makin me crazy

we had the two grandsons here for a couple of days, sleeping over.  there is nothing like grandchildren.  i swear i could have just ripped their little heads off and eaten them up, i just want to squeeze them and pinch them, oy, they were makin me crazy they were so delicious. here's how delicious. […]

organize your desk day

remember i told you i was turning over a leaf and as part of the plan i have spent the last two days the organizing my shelves/desk and whatnot in my home office.  i did not finish because i was distracted by old photos. woo hoo look at kath! she lived with us while convalescing […]