makin me crazy

we had the two grandsons here for a couple of days, sleeping over.  there is nothing like grandchildren.  i swear i could have just ripped their little heads off and eaten them up, i just want to squeeze them and pinch them, oy, they were makin me crazy they were so delicious. here's how delicious.

charley and danny became friends. 
charley does not like to be more than 6 inches away from danny at any given time.  
I'm falling for you
danny lay around.

but the funniest part of the day was when david wanted to play with the tripod.  
he played "look i'm bubbie.  

is this what i look like to him?  always squinting, looking through a lens.  
i must look ridiculous to him!!

so get out on the weekend kids and shoot some photos, squint away.

visit kath and i over at our new photo du jour site.  
we are having fun, together, as usual.  
this time next week, 
charley and i'll be having a glass of wine with the sister and BB!!!  
countdown to the road trip.


4 thoughts on “makin me crazy

  1. What super photos! Kids and dogs are just meant to be. Can’t imagine childhood without a dog in it.
    Everyone teases me about the camera, too. When my kids were younger, I was the class mom who took everyone’s picture. I had one up on all the other moms though, I could get the photos in the paper.🙂

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