In the Province of Quebec there is a new law this year.  It is mandatory for all cars registered in Quebec to have winter/snow tires.   It's probably a good law, it makes sense from a safety point of view.   The only flaw is that it has created a shortage of snow tires in […]

duck duck

i had a long hospital appointment the other day and i decided to treat myself.  i called A. and we met for lunch downtown at a great new gastropub.  A. suggested that i drive along the river on the way home and take some photos.  it is not a route i generally take but he […]


Last Sunday I was excited for the snowy day.  We went out for lunch and of course, I threw the camera bag in the car.   Everything appeared grey and white so the trees stood out in contrast and I started to look closely at them. I'm still not sure what this perfectly round ball […]

love a thursday

a shout out to all our american friends, to have a happy and healthy thanksgiving. i was thinking about love thursday, what there is to love, why we love the things, the places, the people that we do.  specifically what is it that attracts each and every one of us to different books, music, movies […]

Getting “Red”dy

Like Margie yesterday, I found myself running short of time because we have been on the go. It's that time of year, isn't it?   It's fun, though, I like the busy feeling and the push to accomplish things and cross a few items off that "to do" list, the one that has been patiently […]

blotting, not so much

i usually plan my posts, kath and i call it blotting. plotting the blog.  today, though, not so much. i have a lot going on right now, almost too much for my head to handle and when that happens, some of the balls have to drop.  used to be that when i was juggling a […]

Macro Monday

The greenhouse that is across the street from our house, it's just to the left of the vineyard, was having a poinsettia sale on Saturday.  It was hard to walk away from the thousands of poinsettias with only three.  This speckly one is on the kitchen table. And I have a few more shots to […]

broken down

the expression "broke down", as in my car broke down on the way here.  our friend carmi, over at  written inc.  is looking for pictures of broken this week.  i sifted through my photos and i have a broken vehicle theme going on. or maybe my theme is rusty and broken.  margie xo

Snow Day

Growing up in Ottawa, we never had snow days.  Ottawa is one of those cities that is always prepared for a lot of snow and even in the worst blizzards the streets are cleaned pretty quickly. Now that I live in Southern Ontario I don't see as much snow (well with the exception of the […]

and it was clean

what a day.  thursday is my favourite day.  the cleaning lady was here and for those of you who don't know me, cleaning lady day is sacred, right after shabbos and yom kippur.  do not screw up cleaning lady thursday. everything was going so smoothly.  i had planned my post.  i had shopped, prepared, photographed […]