yo, who da man?

  this man, and his brother, moved away this week.   all the way to montreal. two hours away from bubbie. i am a wreck. we had a very nice near years eve planned.  cocktails at A.'s sister, dinner with old friends, stopping at a friend's bar on the way home.  couldn't do it.  i […]

Zoom zoom

I feel like I've been riding in a fast car.  Zooming along. The holidays are speeding by but happily we're not done just yet. BB and I are back on the road tonight to visit with my god daughter who lives over 4,000 miles away in Dawson City, Yukon but this week is less than […]

casino, no al

the day started out quietly, with coffee and knitting.   granny loves the casino, so nothing would do but we head out to the  fabulous fallsview casino resort in niagara. the ice along the falls, beautiful. then at the casino everything went crazy, life spun out of control for the family. but here we are […]

all night long

A, just woke me up with a phone call.  he and his daughter left here at seven last evening and just arrived in london ontario at 5:30 a.m.  ten and half hours for a six hour drive. he is worried about our drive today.  we are heading off to kath's as soon as i can […]

Guest Post by Granny

I had phoned Granny this morning to see how she was doing as we had planned that she would finish up the baking.   I left for work before she was awake.  She laughed and said "I don't have time to talk."   I knew she had something up her sleeve.   I saw the note […]

Happy Holidays

We're basically ready.  There's still a little fluffing and folding to be done.   There are presents to wrap and more almond bark to make.   Apparently I made the very special disappearing kind of almond bark because there is very little left.   And of course the driveway needs to be shovelled again, but […]