Old Haunts

When Barry and I were at home, we crossed the Ottawa River into Gatineau and went to Barry's home town of Aylmer, Quebec.   We drove past the house he used to live in. and another old stomping ground, The British Hotel, many hours were spent at the British by both the local kids  and […]

around town and around home

i don't usually take photos of cityscapes but lately i have been inspired by this photographer, watawa.  i look forward to seeing his photos, hoping that it will be something i recognize.  this is a photo of the west block of our parliament buildings, reflected in the bank of canada building.  i suspect that there […]

project runway canada

project runway canada was filmed here in ottawa several months ago.  two of good friends were on last night's episode, the divorce episode.  designers were given the wedding dresses of local ottawa divorcees and asked to produce a design that would be pleasing and wearable to the women.  how exciting is that!   my friends, manon […]

NOT a knitting blog.

I knit.  I like to knit.  Margie does not.  She has laughingly warned me that I am not to turn this into a knitting blog. I make some really nice things.  I love to knit for babies.   Friends are expecting and I'm knitting a sweet little kimono sweater for their babe. On Sunday we […]

macro monday

i like macro monday.   sometimes i can use a new photo that i have taken with this day in mind. these little bears were stuck onto the top of the cash register at starbucks. or these rubber boots i bought at loblaws $12.00.  a pair for dave and a pair for danny. or i […]

Sunday Shopping

Remember the other day when margie and I took the same pictures on the same highway?   Sometimes we will both decide to work on the blog at the very same moment and one of us will hit save and the other loses her post.   No big deal but it happened this morning.  I […]

Home Fires

Hi everybody!  I see margie has kept the home fires burning.      We were driving hither and yon, visiting family and friends.  The last few days have been spent in the country, no wifi, no high speed, no dial up, so we left the computer in the car.  I knew I could count on […]

in love

are you IN love? do you have the good fortune to be spending your life  with someone you are IN love with? does someone have the key to your heart?  then give that person a kiss and tell them it's love thursday. what are you waiting for? by the way, president obama is here in […]