kath and i were talking about her wasp nest photo yesterday and she mentioned that she has trouble focussing.  is it because we started our affairs with our cameras in auto mode?  is it because we are old and our eyesight is not so good?  do we just not know what we are doing? even […]

lights out

notwithstanding that i am still sick with the flu, we have been entertaining like a house on fire.   friday night, good friends for a long evening of eating and wine tasting.  our friend is a wine seller and he loves to teach us about his wines. last night different friends for dinner,  with the […]

feeling qwoozy

Hi, there's a bottle of Purell over there, you might want to use it.  Apparently you can catch the flu over the internet.    I'm down with the stomach qwoozies.   Not as sick as Marg was and because I knew what was coming, I headed home from work as soon as I started to […]

in the bed

it's my turn to post.  i inadvertently hijacked love thursday yesterday!  i left a comment on pioneer woman that my meatball recipe was better than hers.  holy crap.  the soeurs were inundated with requests for the recipe.  i crawled out of the sick bed, posted the recipe and a picture.  these meatballs are delicious.  they […]

charley – the update

kath sent me an email today saying "i know what is wrong with my life!  i need a dose of charley." charley sleeps on my camera bag.   her way of guaranteeing that i won't be able to sneak out of the house alone. or, she sits in the afternoon sun on the white chair […]

Always Hope

Here is something positive you can do.  Just do some clicking (both with your camera and on the net). Two of our Shutter Sisters are embarking on a journey of hope, at this stage they are hoping that they will be chosen to win a dream assignment.   Please help them out. When you click […]