Love Thursday – Old School & a Meatball Recipe too!

Back when margie and I discovered Love Thursday we would post just one picture. Usually a heart.   Every week I still look for hearts because Love Thursday is always in the back of my mind.   I love that we've never missed acknowledging Love Thursday, now we have a habit of seeing love all week long.  So today, I'm going old school, one heart, one picture of a neglected doorway frame that someone has decided to show some love to.


Happy Love Thursday

Edited:  There's that synchronicity in blogging thing again!  Karen who hosts Chookooloonks talks about when she started Love Thursday today.  
 I wrote this last night before her post was up.  
Edited Edited: Some of you have popped by looking for Margie's meatball recipe.   I wish I had it to put up for you.   Yes, that's true, I don't even have it, I've never even tasted them.  This is a new recipe she's found since I moved from Ottawa.  But I tell you what, leave us a comment and I will personally email you as soon as she posts the recipe.  She is sick in bed with the flu, we'll have to be patient waiting for the patient to recover.  Then we'll have a big meatball fest!

FINAL EDIT:  Here's the thing, you cannot keep my sister down.  She refuses to rest when she is sick.  So here she is ….

Margie's Meatballs

okay okay, i am up.  i can't do a whole post, i feel like such crap, but here goes with the recipe.



The sauce:

1 white onion diced

1 small tablespoon anchovy paste

½ tsp chili paste or hot sauce

1 T olive oil

2 garlic cloves crushed

2 shallots chopped fine

1 C chianti wine  ( I used other wine, but chianti is the best)

oven roasted tomatoes (if you have, I usually use the half spoiling tomatoes I have lying around, if you don't have don't worry) 

plus can of diced tomatoes plus one can of tomato paste

2 cups of beef broth  (use trusty old campbells)

1 T ground fennel seeds

1 bunch of basil

kosher or sea salt

make sauce,

sauté onions, anchovy, garlic, shallots, in olive oil

add wine, add tomatoes, add beef broth, fennel seeds and salt

let it bubble away at a low temp


The meatballs:

1 C cremini mushrooms chopped very fine

1 cooking onion diced fine

2 garlic cloves crushed

1 T Dijon mustard

1 C bread crumbs

11/2 – 2 lbs medium ground beef

1 or two sprigs of chopped rosemary

extra bread crumbs

sauté mushrooms/onion/garlic   

add Dijon and bread crumbs, mix and brown slightly

add this mixture to raw meat

make meatballs the size of  a Canadian toonie or a small golf ball

roll meatballs in breadcrumbs
fry in olive oil

this part is a pain but you need to do it.  Fry them in olive oil until cooked and crispyish, as they are done, add them to the sauce.   they should make their own oil but add if you need, you will end up with a crusty bottom on the pan, when you are all done, drain the oil and deglaze the pan with some wine.   Add the bits to the sauce.

Season to taste with fresh basil, you can serve with parmesan grated on top.   Delicious.    Very earthy taste to the sauce and the meatballs.

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