re-tired and refreshing

five couples, youngest being in their seventies, oldest in their eighties sitting on the beach in longboat key, florida playing backgammon.  for hours.  laughing and calling each other out!   three of the women were quick to point out that they were not players, they were readers. one woman, whose husband was quite elderly, with a walker, […]

Not the Beach

Margie is at the beach.   Her photos yesterday were amazing but they kind of made me feel bad in a jealous kind of way.  I know she is really working on taking great photos on Manual and I'm jealous because I want to take good photos too, only I haven't been working at it, […]

What time is it?

I have had a rough weekend, heck I had a rough week.   Last weekend I developed a pain in my knee.  It hurt but I hadn't done anything.   I ended up going to the chiropractor three times and he diagnosed tight muscles that were pulling.  So the stretching and icing routine began but […]

love a few

389 shots, and not shots of vodka or jamieson's!  photos.  that's how many photos i took on my road trip today.  i went to montreal to see the babies.  before i left i had an agenda.  i wanted to think about my trip to florida, and plan a little, and i thought about not taking […]

delete delete delete

I just spent the last three hours in iphoto and have deleted 2,000 photos.  I am feeling very bleary eyed now.   You see, I was quickly approaching 10,000 photos and that felt excessive.   Which means that 8,000 is not excessive, right?  Ah well, I feel better, like I've done something really good.    […]

florida friends

charley and molly sit down, wait for it, kids, you won't believe this, but i have never been to florida.  i know, its hard to believe that there is a canadian alive that hasn't been to florida but i never have.  and now i am going.  saturday morning we are driving to syracuse, new york, […]