Spread the Love Thursday

On Sunday we called Barry's sister and invited ourselves for dinner Monday night.   That's the best thing about family, "Hello, we're coming!"   We hadn't seen B&G in a little while and a visit was in order.    It felt like the first evening of summer, we sat in their new gazebo and dined […]

all in a day

sometimes i accomplish nothing.  sometimes i don't look at the internet. and so i missed the pet parade co-hosted by elk. here's my charley story. my new cottage juice glasses.  25 cents each. the baby chair someone was asking about. vintage meets apple.   music rules. university is over and youngest son is home.  laundry […]

chairs chairs everywheres

I have a new obsession, a subject obsession, subsession?  obsessject? object?  No, that won't work, object is already taken, but I am very busy lately taking pictures of chairs.  I had an idea that I might like to do a series of photos to print and hang in our bathroom.  You know, a place that […]

closing in on a macro monday

i love macro monday, thank you lisa,  because everything is a subject.   so i headed out to the kitchen to take some shots.   woo hoo.   oh oh. look at the creepy white dusty chemically stuff on these tomatoes. and what about these strawberries? so to start monday off on the right foot, […]

To the Dump

Today was one of those good days.   I woke up early and talked to margie on the phone for a bit and then went back to bed and slept.  After my extra nap, restful and indulgent, we had errands to run and I headed out to the car first.   I couldn't believe my […]

with hope

  we are thrilled to hear that the shutter sisters  picture hope dream assignment has won the $50,000.00 grand prize.   "Shutter Sisters, take this win straight into your heart, because it is yours. The way you find life and hope and beauty and truth through that lens every day matters–every bit as much as […]

On pets ….

Our pets, we sure love them don't we? Chester was our dog of a lifetime.  The best boy ever and he was spoiled. He had a special bed in our room, one in the tv room and one that covered the entire back seat of the car so that he had ample room while travelling […]

love thursday

  i am pinch hitting for kath today.  she is busy with other things. in our daily phone call yesterday we were complaining to each other. whining, actually, and it was unnecessary. we started to talk about some of the people we know  who are really having a hard time these days. we stopped and […]


i have a little blog housekeeping to do today. i have had these little houses since i was a little girl.   originally it was a whole town of wooden  structures, trees, barns, all kinds of things.   these three houses are all i have left. this has been a pretty good month for me, […]

Match Game

There's a little thing that goes on here at Soeurs du Jour.   It started quite by accident and then we noticed what was happening.  We didn't even talk about it for a long time, we were just doing it.    Have you noticed it? We each have our 365 photo albums up there on […]