a dead mouse and dial up

that's what was waiting for us at the cottage. one dead mouse and dial up.  i want all my friends to read this post twice, no, three times would be better.  it took 10 minutes, 57 seconds to load the typepad page.  aghhhhhhhhhhhhh. that poor mouse probably died of old age waiting for the internet. […]

I got nothin’

It's Friday night.  I realized it's my turn to post and I got nothin'!  I have to run, go to bed and get to sleep because Mom has 6 garage sales, one estate sale and a garden sale circled in the local paper.   She just went to bed and said, "I'll see you at […]

island hopping

we are going to the lake this morning.  unless you are up early, early we will have already left.  the car was packed last night, the new lamp granny bought us, the odds and sods that i have picked up over the winter, the new bedding granny bought us, the staples like sugar and spice, […]

Love Your Mother Thursday

I got home from work and looked at my front garden with surprise.   There they were, all the impatiens that had been patiently waiting in flats to be planted, already in the garden. Our mother had planted the whole garden. Remember, she's 90.   She loves life, she loves us, she loves gardening,  she […]


kath wrote about going to the fair with granny. it made me think of theme parks and from there my wandering mind ended up thinking about my own themes. is there a theme to your photography? when you sift through your photo library do you see a theme?  of course we have our photos of […]

Fair Play

I was struck by margie's comment about colour yesterday.  She's right, the colours on her macro photos just popped. (haha first I typed pooped but then I fixed it because I don't want to be getting in trouble with the sistah … I already dissed her coffee shop photo by telling her I liked David's […]

Lazy! Not!

We spotted this license plate a few years ago, it made me laugh, there were my initials, "Lazy KS".    But not today.  Nope.   I worked like crazy. Mom and I went to the nursery early.  So did everyone else. There weren't even any carts or trollies, I had to follow someone to their […]

road trip

thursday was a road trip day for me.  i packed up my camera bag  and headed to montreal to visit the babies.   it would be unforgivable to show up  without fresh bread from our bakery. danny was in his usual good humour, ready for anything.   he has a killer smile,  or at least […]


I have been absent from the interweb lately.   Mom has been here a week and honestly I don't know where the time has gone.  We still haven't had a chance to sit down with the computer and see how she feels, the weather has been delightful so we've either been on the go or […]