Iphone Camera

Margie has sent us something.  If I didn't know that she had no way of sending us photos except by way of her Iphone I would have sworn that she took this with her D40. It's raining here (again) but we barbecued anyway.   There is nothing better than potato salad and barbecued steak for […]

Macro Monday Blue Fish

I was thinking about Macro Monday when I was putting the laundry away, casting about for ideas when …. there he was, waiting patiently to be my model, floating on his reflection in the bookcase.  One fish … Blue Fish. Happy Macro Monday. Visit Lisa for more Macro Monday. xo Kath

Geraniums on a Wall – 2009

Geraniums on a Wall 2009 I'm seeing progress. Did you have a glorious Saturday?  I hope so because I did. If yesterday was packed with chores and running hither and thither, why not take some time today (or the whole day if you can) and just let yourself rest for a bit. I did a […]

Runs in the Family

I opened yesterday's post and was charmed by the photos of Sarah and the boys. But something was bugging me, a memory, had I seen that photo before?   No, impossible, Margie just took it on the weekend.  What was it?   I came home and went through the photo albums and found these. Margie's […]


Well, hello first day of summer.  I am so glad you're here.  Make yourself at home and feel free to stay until, oh, say, next June?  Does that work for you? It would sure work for me. I'm writing this Saturday night, it rained all day and all night.   I love a rainy day […]