woo hoo

yo, kath, here i come.  on the road, see you tonight. last night andy and i had dinner at my dear friend sandra z. i snuck around the house taking photos. i love these buddahs, laughing it up  just like kath and i will tonight. this fish hangs from the dining room light fixture. and […]

Winner Love

Margie answered an email that I had sent her with the news that I had not gone to work with, "we're such losers".   Yes, sometimes we are.   I was sick, headache, upset stomach, just feeling awful and she had a dreadful cold last week. We try, heaven knows we try to be healthy […]

dear friend

imagine you forgot a very dear friend's special occasion.   a birthday, an anniversary, an achievement.  imagine you never even knew it was her birthday.  i have a very dear friend and yet we have never met.   we are a generation apart, we are a country apart, we are a culture apart.   i […]

Macro Pumpkin Pie Monday

It rained (again!) And as quickly as it started, it stopped. So I went out to the garden to check on my pumpkins. Looks to me like October is going to bring us some yummy pumpkins. Lisa hosts Macro Monday over at Chaos. Join us in looking at things closely through rain coloured glasses. xo […]

saturday morning on a sunday

sharing my saturday morning with you on a sunday morning.    down a country road. to the farmer's market. flowers galore.  this next bunch came home with me. little feet. little paws.  it was the first time this burmese mountain pup had left his house.  oh, he was a cutie. and best of all, the […]

How French!

This is one corner of my bathroom counter.   I love the vintage post-card from France, it makes me feel so French, appropriate for a soeur, non? But the real excitement is over on the other side of the sink.   There's something else that's made me very happy.   Chanel! Thank you, my lovely sister,  it is […]

baby steps

please sit on this bench with us a moment,  while we tell you about a plan, well, not a plan, but, oh heck, just sit down … kath and i were having yet another one of our endless talks about ourselves.  we bounce back and forth between each other all the time, needy and needier. […]

Practice Love Thursday

Last night I went for a walk in my quiet neighbourhood which I discovered is only quiet if you're not listening.   People were sitting on porches chatting, the lawn mower engines whined and sputtered, trash cans clanked, cats meowed and puppies growled. I walked along keeping my mind quiet and my ears open to […]

flight of the soeurs

some of you must think kath and i are a bit flighty.  well, truth be told, we are.  there isn't a band wagon that kath and i aren't ready to jump on, check out and jump off quicker than you can say oprah. we make lists, we turn over leafs, we exercise, we lose weight, […]