love thursday the daughter post

Last week I took a little road trip to Prince Edward Island with a couple of good friends visiting from Ontario. It was a Thursday when we found this Love note scrawled in the sand: I couldn't help but think of my favourite Soeurs of course! Btw, PEI is gorgeous – a great summer destination — pastoral landscapes, […]

A little sisterly advice

Margie and I needed some distraction yesterday, trying to sell our houses is a bit more than either of us expected. We've both done it before, but hey, we're older and we forgot what it was like.  So when we need a distraction we play,  I emailed a link to something I fell in love with […]

happy healthy

yesterday was the jewish day of atonement, yom kippur.  at this time of year we greet each other with shana tovah.  "a good year". good wishes are extended for a happy, healthy year. such precious commodities.  happiness and health.  what a wonderful reminder. when we look for happiness it is likely that we will spread […]

book em

lately my days have been booky and certainly yesterday was a very booky day. or should i say bookish?  wednesday night was my first book club meeting, ever. although i am a voracious reader i have never belonged to a book club. andy is installing a new floor in our den, for sale sign here […]

Glad for today

I am so glad it is Saturday.  I want to go for a walk. Monday was the last time I was outdoors for more than a few minutes. I need fresh air. In margie's post yesterday she reminded us to journal every day.   I stared at the word journal and then I looked at […]

just think about it

i have been reading a book about creating moments of joy, courage and kindness. the book encourages pursuing happiness and fulfillment through the choices you can make right now. the past is for your memories, the future is but illusory hopes. focus on the present, for that is where your life is. it is important […]

post mortem

we met with our real estate agent tonight.  did the walk through of the house, the sit down and hash out the details, planned for a small face lift that we knew had to be done, and then we ran to our neighbourhood bar.  andy and i needed to do the post mortem on our […]

Phantom of the Opera

We left home late Sunday night, Barry had a show to do here and we were going to arrive late to a party, but we couldn't miss this one ….  Tonight's private party marks the 20th anniversary of a show that changed Toronto. And yes, Garth will be there September 20, 2009 RICHARD OUZOUNIAN THEATRE CRITIC […]