Friday Favourites

The sky was crazy the night we drove to Stratford last month.  I love a good sunset.   I'm loving all the cute tights and leggings I'm seeing everywhere.     I loved the clock in the lobby of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.  It confirmed the feeling that time seems to be running twice fast […]

what i loved

see the title, right there in the middle beside the pink book. ha!!  what i loved, next to a pink book. what a perfect combo for love thursday  and  breast cancer awareness month. the thing is, i don't always love a book. if i dare to put a book down before i finish, something i […]

ladybug infestation

i hope our meredyth sees this post. she has a fondness for ladybugs.   andy and i were on our way to montreal and stopped to walk charley. i came out of the restaurant and andy yelled "get your camera". "see that rust over there on the bottom of those concrete towers? they are ladybugs" […]


  I cannot easily dismiss the subject of the fallen leaves. . . Consider what a vast crop is thus annually shed upon the earth. This, more than any mere grain or seed, is the great harvest of the year. This annual decay and death, this dying by inches, before the whole tree at last […]

Autumnal Beauty

'morning.   I am going to go take a picture for you, but I have to drive a couple of miles to get to the picture.   Go have a coffee and come back.  I hope this works out! xo Kath Okay, I'm back, I couldn't stay in bed not with this kind of light […]

kinder visit

  it isn't like andy and i have nothing to do.  we have a whole house to pack, things to put in storage, decisions to make, you get the picture. instead we are pulling the good car out of storage and heading off to montreal to do some hugging. there is a commercial on tv […]

Super Hero Sock Monkeys

It's Thursday, a busy day here at Soeurs du Jour.  We've got love and hearts to find, we're thinking pink for breast cancer awareness and it would appear everyone wants to meet my sock monkey. First, can I point you in the direction of a cool thing?  So You Want to be a Superhero is a […]