Work, work, work

Work, work, work!  Doesn't anybody play anymore?   Sadly, for us Canucks this week did not have a holiday attached.   Margie and I both worked our fingers to the bone.  I'm still at work now, Friday night at 9:31.  I clocked out at 9:30 p.m. and thought I would start a post before I head home […]

dine with love

 i am moving today and i have packed up all of my every day china and given it away to the children. i have packed up my cutlery and sent it along as well. i am for the rest of my life, please g*d a long time, going to eat every meal off the good […]

Happy Harvest

Our good friend, Se'Lah is celebrating an anniversary today and she has posted a fantastic photo, the sign in the background says, "Happy Harvest".         Happy Harvest, Happy Wednesday, Happy November 25th! xo Kath   Does anybody have any idea how it got to be November 25th?   Where is the time going????   Yikes! […]


i can't talk.  the movers come tomorrow.   pretty much everything is in boxes. a few things are still on the shelves though.   even so, it would be nice if some of you could come over and help. wish me luck.  xo  margie

Remote Posting

I didn't write a post last night like I usually would.   I fully intended to get up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning and be ready to share a gorgeous photo and some wise words.  That didn't happen. Barry is working on a show that opens tonight, the last few weeks have been […]

it’s enough already

the avoidance thing has got to stop!! right now. i told andy to divide his stuff into two piles,  keep and discard.   i'm tackling dishes tomorrow.   we've already sorted the bikes.   these are actually photos of our favourite antique shop. seriously, we are seriously packing.  starting tomorrow. today i am getting my […]