the light – less

  nothing quite beats the sunny face of a sunflower. i took this photo last summer,  my kitchen window at the lake.    standing tall and straight in three little vases. the light is soft and dreamy. ah, the sunlight. today those flowers would look like this.   like an old vintage photo, the colour drained away […]

Just visiting ….

We arrived home late Sunday night, yesterday was spent curled up on the couch watching movies and today I headed back to work.   We had a rollicking good time.  Six different homes, six wonderful visits, six times the full bellies, six times the laughs.   I love hosting the holidays but this year it […]

quazy quips 2009

   icing rather than freezing rain hand knit hat from granny  funniest quip: when the four year old opened his gift of four new pairs of pjs and said, oh look, i got laundry. we had a great time and hopefully  we will be back here before you know it!! xo margie  

Olympic Macro Monday

I didn't think I would be excited.   I wasn't as excited as the torch bearer who was waiting anxiously.   But then the officials came along and our runner received his instructions.  And I got excited    But not as excited as I am about our road trip which starts this morning,  bright and early […]

snow dog

  we are living with one of the kids right now, biding our time until our condo is ready. there is no backyard in this townhouse condo for charley to play in.  the good news, there is a park 150 feet from the house. four or five times a day someone walks charley. it is […]


As we sat in a church last evening, wrapped in our winter coats, sitting shoulder to shoulder with friends gathered to remember a wonderful woman who was taken to soon from the arms of her family by breast cancer, I listened to a man with the voice of an angel sing a very old hymn, […]

capturing a princess

i take my camera with me. i would often stop and think "should i bring my camera?" and after umpteen lost moments i have realized that i should not even ask myself that question. the camera comes even if it means getting out of the car and going back in the house to get it.  […]