The birds are fighting over the suet ball in the garden and I'm watching them make themselves bigger by flapping their wings at the other diners. Perhaps it is the true meaning of "fight or flight", they're flapping to fight but also poised for flight. We're going out for dinner to a friend's tonight, […]

On the Beach

Where is my sister?  Have you noticed I ask that a lot?  Well, this week she jetted off to Bahamas to visit a friend, so I'm here.   And she's there.  On the beach.   I miss her when she's not here. But she always brings back great photos for us. And a present, wait, […]

Loving Thursday

Margie hadn't done macro Monday in a while and I don't think we've done Love Thursday lately either.   I am in love with a lot of things lately. Vision and Verb and all the women that are gathering there. Knitting, knitting, knitting, it is my passion right now. My family and friends, here there […]

simple things

  surprising friends happy tears family dinners braised short ribs delicious wine, fresh bread, cheese music playing books half read journals half written the ability to give helping remembering when all is forgotten counting your blessings xo margie simple things, hosted by soul aperture

Old things …

  I love spending time in antique stores, looking at the beautiful old things, wondering what their story is. Who owned this set of five beautiful jugs, each one slightly smaller than the other? Someone obviously cared for them, because they were in perfect condition. But, I wonder were they used, or just kept behind […]


  i haven't done a macro monday post in a long time.  this weekend we went to atwater market in montreal.  what a feast! quebec cheeses, the closest you will come to france on this continent, lamb shoulder braising in my oven as we speak for the swankiest shepherd's pie ever, and orchids, flower vendors […]

One thing at a time ….

  Sometimes you have to borrow something from someone.  Usually you ask first, I am not asking today because I don't want to interrupt her Sunday and also because she is such a beautiful person that I know she would say, "Yes, of course! And come get a hug while you're at it. Now that […]

road trip

i have to laugh, ouch! kath and i are truly "queen of the road" types.  we have so many posts titled road trip it's ridiculous.  yesterday andy and i made a hasty decision, we booked a hotel room on the internet, put charley in the car and headed for montreal.  time to see those babies!!    have […]