Avatar in 3D

  Last night we went to see Avatar in 3D.  We haven't been to the movies in a long time, unfortunately movies don't tend to have a long run in the theatre in our nearest city and by the time we get organized to go, the movie has gone. Barry is back at work and […]

more gold

  now we have not just more gold, but the most gold. whatever will we do with our time when these olympics finish? will we continue to wear our olympic mittens?  will we still sport our canadian toques?   will we continue to boast that we love  molson canadian and that it is really our […]

601 and counting

  When I opened typepad today I noticed that Margie had presented our 600th post yesterday. Earlier in the week I noticed that our car turned over 200,200 km which made me strangely happy, although it does mean our car is very old. 600 posts does not mean that our blog is very old. It […]

love thursday

the soeurs started participating in love thursday just shortly after we launched this blog in june of 2008.  we post about love and hearts and lots of hearts and love every thursday pretty much without fail.   i sometimes wonder, and i have never asked kath this, if it is a bit of a cop […]

Olympic Macro Monday

  My Olympic Mittens. Last week a friend wondered why once every four years he is glued to the television for two weeks when he has absolutely no interest in sports the rest of the time. The Olympics are a phenomenon that certainly draws us in, especially this year when we are proud to host […]

friday confession

i have a confession, i have not been making good use of my camera. yes i took many photos on my recent holidays but i have not been feeling the love. yesterday i spent a frustrating day on the computer, being bounced out of overloaded servers, but it gave me time to think. i'm not […]