up and running

finally.   we are settled,  well not really settled but close. we've taken a bit of a break to celebrate passover. i promise, right after we finish eating i will post some pics of the new place. that would be wednesday, we eat for two days. happy passover to my jewish friends and family. xo margie 

Macro Monday Rocks!

  This box of tiny rocks  sits in our living room. I took this photo because I like the textures and colours of the rocks. You can't see any of that because obviously macro lenses should come with a duster. Lisa rocks Macro Monday over at her place.  xo Kath

March Madness

  I know little about basketball and March Madness.  It took me a minute to figure this colourful gang out last weekend, ah yes, Syracuse Basketball fans. It was weird today, I have looked at the blog a couple of times and it didn't register that there was no post from Margie. I bet she […]

Showered with Gifts

  I went to a bridal shower last night, there was a small pile of gifts when I arrived, by the time the bride was ready to open her gifts, you could hardly see her in the chair they were piled so high around her.  Now don't get me wrong, I love this girl, I […]