bee busy

   i bee busy. kath called it yesterday  making thursday the beginning of the week. now friday is feeling feverish. things to do, places to go party tonight. the twenty somethings and me and andy. mere off to africa next week. the boys revving up for the bahama wedding. it's a party tonight, oh yeah. […]

my day

  you should look at this picture and in a heartbeat know what i did yesterday.  maybe it isn't as obvious to you so let me just bring you up to speed. i spent the day with my 20 year old son, home now three days from university.  by nine o'clock we were in the […]

One Step Back

Yesterday morning I awoke stiff and in pain.  The fibromyalgia monkey had reached out, grabbed me and taken me one step back.  I'm doing what I need to do to take care of myself, but it's going to take a week of being gentle and taking things slow to get that step back. Damn. xo […]

macro monday

nothing inspires a macro photo more than spring.   the teeny tiny buds and flowers beg to be scrutinized. a photo walk with the dog on a warm spring day, heaven.     the dogs were having fun as well. and then   and this lying on the ground xo margie 


  i am loving so many things lately. who doesn't love a sunset. spring seems to be having a positive effect on all of us. i know i am feeling creative. i'm feeling social. i am making plans and implementing them. i am so productive these days. i love when that happens. it is a […]

Peach Blossoms

  I have been happy lately. Deep down to my bones happy.   As an added bonus, not just happy but productive, active and content.   How could I not be?  The peach orchards are in bloom.  The other night I came up from the basement and looked out the back window and spoke to myself, […]