the unknown photo

  i love it when i load my photos onto the mac. such anticipation. and then, i get shots like these. what the heck? those earrings? these boots? this stick?    obviously i photoshopped all of these. what else could i do with them? i couldn't delete them, i mean,  my camera took these by […]

we live in little italy. before we made the decision to start looking for a condominium we gave serious thought to what our criteria was.  what was a deal breaker?  for us, having a gas bbq was an absolute, it was our hill to die on.  secondly we wanted a neighbourhood and that is exactly […]

The Colour of Summer

  This is the colour of summer. Someone asked me recently what my favourite colour was.  I couldn't choose one. "It depends" was my response but it was a good question because I started to think about colours and associations that I make when I look at a colour. This antique apricot colour of the […]

macro monday

there was a birthday party yesterday. uncle louie made a gray cake.  a gray transformer cake. here's the birthday boy. somehow i made him look like a transformer.   a hydro transformer. this photo is a keeper, red eyes and all. more macros at lisa's. xo margie