pretty much every day kath and i send each other links.   some of these links make us laugh,  some make us think, some make us envious,  some inspire.   gosh, the possibilities are of course endless  since the internet is endless  or at least i think it is.   it is my opinion that […]

Friday Favourites

I saw some dramatic skies this week.   I dreamed of a time when I could stay at home and play all day long.    And I missed this girl. Don't you think Margie looks like Anna Wintour in this picture? Okay, if the Sackville Farmer's Market were Vogue and if it was a Valentino […]

natural predators

predator (an organism that is hunting) feeds on its prey (the organism that is attacked) predators may or may not kill the prey it is feeding on. I have been reading blogs today, catching up with all of you.  i see that our neighbours to the deep south are caught in a heat wave and […]

back on the mainland

a week at the cottage, does the body good.   it does a lot for your mind and soul as well.   my moss people appear to be thriving and the neighbourhood is growing.   some newcomers are much larger than the moss people. some of the new neighbours have the oddest roommates. i have only […]

Sunday Shopping

  I remember when there was no Sunday Shopping. When we first moved to this little town six years ago our grocery store was closed on Sundays, the liquor store was closed (thank goodness for wineries!) and our hardware store still closes on Sunday. I did a little Sunday Shopping this morning though, I dashed […]

Not a Knitting Blog

This is not a knitting blog.  But I've been busy knitting. I'm actually glad it's going to rain today so that I can finish this hat! Happy Saturday xo Kath edited:  I just woke up, it's beautiful and sunny, little hat shall have to wait another day.

Finding Friends

  This is where I am these days, the little computer plays the lessons and I do the steps on the Mac. It is working out very well.  Except not last night, I spent half an hour on the phone with Margie. We were cooking while we talked, she was marinating lamb for the bbq […]

View from the Couch

  Margie really is on holiday, this photo is from the email she sent me yesterday.  It is an artistic piece entitled, "View from the Couch". I thought I would share it with you. ** On an unrelated subject, I was thinking about self-portraits and how they are a popular exercise both in photography and self-discovery. They […]