macro toys

charley, like most black labs, can chew a chunk of wood to slivers. this limits her toy collection to one and only one type of toy. a stuffed toy is gone in no time but these babies are treated with gentle love. nothing throws charley into a frenzy more than asking her, in a concerned […]

Spools Out!

My final photograph for my final assignment. We're off to the big city today, I'm still shopping for boots. I loved how yesterday Margie wrote about boots and I wrote about hats over at Vision and Verb.  Winter has not struck us yet but the inevitability of its arrival brings out the ant in me, the […]

get your boots

these girls are wearing serious black boots. on the other hand, they could be goingfor the school girl look and those are black knee socks.  bad weather is headed our way for the next few days.   cold wind, freezing rain, snow flurries, below freezing, rain and snow.   tomorrow everyone will be wearing knee […]


Look at the joy I received in the post yesterday! Thank you Anyes - the cards are lovely. I can't wait to send them out.  Wait!!! Can I do that??? As some of you may know,  I'm looking at you Se'Lah, I have a thing for cards, especially handmade gorgeous cards. My thing? I buy them and […]

macro eyes

kath sent me this: we tend to wake up to routine.  how can we wake up each day with fresh eyes? see the world with fresh eyes. when we increase the frequency with which we see things with fresh eyes,  we grow, evolve, become more than what we were.  by doing so, we develop ourselves […]

Some Linky Love

I am still going to school. Only two more classes and then I shall turn my mind to everything that I've been missing at Kim Klassen's Photoshop Test Kitchen. We've finished Unravelling with Susannah Conway, although I'm still a couple of weeks behind, some of the stuff takes a bit more time to work through. […]

I see the light

I see the light at the end of the vineyard. And I have to tell you, it's a good thing. Margie had her sciatica then I one upped her and got pneumonia,the walking kind but you don't really walk tallyou kind of just slink around doing the minimumand then you have to take to your bed […]

sciatica shmyatica

who the heck? put this pain in my leg. who the heck? put this pain in my hip. who the heck? Sciatica, that's who! shooting pain along the sciatic nerve, radiating through my buttocks and down the back of my leg and as far as the foot. i'm not sure i like the use of the […]