Tonight I went for a manicure/pedicure and bought some new shoes.  I came home I got into my pjs I made hot chocolate with baileys I settled myself on the couch to watch a chick flick. I shifted on the couch to make room for the cat. I was alone.   It occurred to me […]

Forest for the Trees

I don't really know what happened. It's like I can't see the forest for the trees. January was to be my time. My time to do. And just tonight I did the first thing on my list.I've kept all my commitmentsI've done what I had to do for other peopleBut I haven't done all the […]

to do

drop charley off at his cousin joey's for a two week sleepover banking finish packing load ipod choose books buy hiking socks print e-tickets, etc. wash the floor change the sheets  water plants organize camera equipment call all the kids give kath itinerary call for a cab to the airport hasta la vista xo margie

we play remember

there are days when we are too busy to talk and then other days when we chat through one liners   kath, my daughter sarah and i play remember it always brings a smile to our faces today kath wrote remember when i adopted sam this is my son sam, the father of the babies […]

Haha Charley

I swear, I haven't even had time to look at our own blog. Tonight when I looked, I burst out laughing.  Charley in the banner! This picture was taken a year ago today.  A bit of snow, some green grass. I can't show you a picture of today.  Oh, yes I can, just look at […]

berry cold

i couldn't resist the play on words: berry cold it is beyond cold to tell the truth i am thinking a spicy chicken curry for dinner kath, you remember kath, she used to blog with me, lol well, she got me started drinking tea there is a little tea store called david's teas who knew […]

what the dog saw

we live on the tenth floor a beautiful condo with wall to wall windows overlooking a park that allows dogs off leash charley spends most of her time sleeping or looking out the window to see which dog is at the park she gets tired doing this and rests her head and when a dog […]

winter itch

this post could easily be the fantasy post…the holiday post…the winter itch to follow the sun.   by the middle of january canadians are into the full swing of winter and this year many americans are coming along for the ride.  i once read that every mile walked is two in the winter and i […]