i imagine that my creativity lies inside of me curled up like this frond waiting for the motivation that will unfurl it kath and i are excited to be participating  in picture inspiration given by tracey clark of shutter sisters fame these two sisters love to take courses together but as long distance soeurs we […]

Champagne for Breakfast

I'm having Champagne for breakfast a photo shootmy homework for the weekusing focus to create depth of field the assignment:3 photos of 3 items in a rowfirst focus on the nearest item  don't change anythingand focus on the second item   and now the final item  easy in theory – surprisingly challenging in execution of course […]

friday favourites

kath and i are busy being inspired we both can find inspiration in the little things my ten second tidy up turned into a one hour photo session dead tulips joined forces with one of kim klassen's textures even in the garbage they looked beautiful this sleeping beauty was my inspiration to end the cleaning […]

Thursday Things

sometimes you need inspirationand something new and something to brighten up your dayand sometimes you get a present this has been a very good week in all respects  a package arrived from Singaporewhen I saw the stampsI no longer cared about the software I had ordered  a little blue bird glue dispenser caught my eyeI will be […]

Family day

We have a statutory holiday in Ontario today. It is called family day. Not every one gets it, it is a weird little holiday that the government leaves to the discretion of the employer. I am still in bed. It is 8:43 a.m. I feel like I'm playing hooky. I didn't skip school when I […]

two can

i couldn't resist the play on words yesterday kath told you that two can be better than one how two can join forces to make one stronger it is a common occurrence with these two sisters one of us is down and with the help of technology the other sister is able to reach out […]

eat play knit

Friday night (again?) The grass is peeking through the snow. It was so warm I left my scarf at home. I walked at lunch (I didn't want to). While I walked I talked. I talked to the sister. I have missed her.  Sometimes I need a coach. I had a rough week, extreme temperature changes […]


we had a great holiday. i know you are expecting fabulous vacation photos but the reality is i need one of you to lend me a hand to put this chicken in a soup stomach flu photos are still in the camera xo  margie