montreal road trip

i am heading to montreal today to see the boys i have no words to describe how excited i am  to see those monkeys called my grandsons i am staying the night, sleeping in a bunk bed the bottom thank you very much this bubby does not climb ladders i will be bringing the requisite […]

Written in Stone

We make plans. I'm happy that I'm flexible and they're not written in stone.Sometimes things don't work outLike tonight,I wanted to make my own soap. I was feeling crafty and had spent a bit of time on the Martha Stewart website.Fortunately, Michael's was out of glycerine so I couldn't do it.It will give me some […]

spring fluff

  wouldn't you love to see dandelion fluff floating above a field filled with happy yellow flower weeds spring cannot get here fast enough i have a photo project in my head and  no sun in the sky to help me for starters let's just get the temperature above zero by the way my prolific […]

White on white ….

I borrowed a decorating book from the library.At Home with White. The book inspired a little rearranging in my kitchen as well as some photos for my homework. Texture is important when you're composing a monochrome image. From our Picture Inspiration group I was prompted to think about rhythm in a photo.    Margie and […]

Saturday Morning Kitchen

I'm at work this fine Saturday morning. Tempted to defy the ubiquitous sign stating the mug rules. I might use someone else's mug, just for a change! It is lovely and quiet here this morning.I think I shall get a lot done.The sooner I start the sooner I will be finished.Wow, there's some words to […]


My sister, what can I sayshe has many dependants and she is very dependable  but you can call on me to help when you need meand like her, I will be therebut not this weekon her busiest of Tuesdays, I called her and cried Margie!!!  What am I going to do????? I am one of […]

dinner, please

what a tuesday i have coming up one of the children has knee surgery at 8:00 a.m. someone else (not a child) has a colonoscopy at 9:00 a.m. one of the children, in africa, may need to see a doctor one of the children needs an apartment in toronto, pronto my mother needs to shop […]