Saturday Morning Ride

this Saturday morning I'm up with the birdsa portrait workshoptaking photos in the early morning learning to find the light last Saturday I went to the fairI don't remember the sky being so very dark bluewhat I remember is that I was so very gladI wasn't hanging upside down in that crazy contraption This sign says […]


293 there is no significance to that number it is not an official statistic it just feels like it has been raining for 293 days 293 inches 293 % of the time 293 minutes out of every hour get my drift it's raining not again still hope you have a great weekend xo mk

what not to wear

i saw this young man and his truck and the thought that crossed my mind "oh no, their mother makes them dress the same" i remember kath and i having only two matching outfits two too many since we are several years apart in age did you dress your children in matching outfits? and by […]

more 2-4

kath and i are on the same page, literally nothing beats a long weekend anticipated and then celebrated a small midway sets up in the park across from our condo real sounds of summer, the screaming and the midway music the weekend finishes with fireworks exploding right over our terrace i always have the best […]

May 2-4

did you go to the lake? we've had our long weekend. barbecue chicken, finished in the ovenwe ran out of gas  laundry on the line, finished in the dryerit started to rain garden work, unfinishedsee above note re rain finally we decided just to do the right thinghot fudge sundaes, sparkling winewatching a movie from […]

saturday morning

hard to believe but the sun is shining andy is at the lake and i forgot to turn off the alarm just as well, this day is not to be missed i've had no internet all week, glad to be back took a yoga class with friends, loved it ran, twice had friends over for […]

Show & Tell – Orchard Week # 2

It stopped raining! I did my Thursday night Orchard photos Remember last week? Here, I'll show you again. This is going to be fun, this weekly progression.  I believe these are peach blossoms, but we will see! There are some crazyass tulips in my garden.  Parrot tulips looking like parrots in flight. There is nothing like […]

Spring in the vineyard

everything is so vibrant because it never stops raining everything is delayed except the dandelions and the grass I had to get up really close to find any signs of growth The ditches and creeks are full to brimming, but I can't complain for we are not flooded like so many others. I listened to […]

Dinner Party

leeks with hazelnuts & bacon crostini  fiddlehead garnish (aka creepy little alien things) flowers for the table the menu: asparagus soup with brie & fiddleheadscrostini maple pork tenderloin, roasted herbed potatoes, leeks with hazelnut bacon sauce mango rhubarb crumbleworld famous chocolate chip cookiesfrench vanilla ice cream many delicious wines a perfect Sunday evening  xo Kath