Orchard v.3

We haven't peeked in the orchard for a while. There was really no point. Leaves, leaves and more leaves. But tonight, when I was driving home, I thought I spotted something. I parked the car and ran in the house to grab my camera, made my way through the trees and found it, a tiny perfect peach. When Margie […]

and the weather is

raining and cold. the wood stove is on. roast chicken in the oven. half finished puzzle. wake boarding in wetsuits. me. lying on the bed. reading, having a glass of wine and playing with iphone photoshop. I hope the sun is shining wherever you are. xo margie

Saturday morning garden

When we first moved into this house seven years ago, I went crazy for gardening. My experiences prior had been balcony boxes and a beautiful flag stone townhouse terrace with a raised bed. Here I have a rose garden, a vegetable garden, beds along the house and garage, grass, trees, hedges and a compost pile.  […]

I’ve got our numbers …

27 kinds of jam is back and that meanssummer is hereoh, it is today is June 21 – Summer Solstice 90 minutes is the amount of exercise I've done in the last 2 days. In 23 days I will be 51.This is our 999th post.  Whoa. I don't know which number impresses me more.I think the 999 […]

a new favourite

i wanted a plant that needed little or no water i am obsessed with taking her photo switching up lenses and settings soft looking but sturdy every shot different i am reading a wonderful book the imperfectionists by tom rachman filled with gorgeous writing "the sharp corners of her day go smooth" looking forward to […]

Berry time ….

In keeping with our most inspirational chat yesterday (we both hate that we aren't exercising and eating right – the usual!).  I stopped at the farmer's stall and bought some strawberries for breakfast today. I will fit in a short walk at lunch – every bit counts – and tonight after work a longer walk. […]

Walking Through Walls

My roses aren't blooming yet. This photo was taken a year ago today. It has been too wet and cold so far, I guess. I'm just getting ready to leave for school but wanted to share a poem that has been inspiring me all week.  You may recognize it if you watched the Tony awards last […]