keep or throw

the sisters are moving to new homes in different town on the same day. so….keep or throw. several months ago I had the brainy idea that collecting decrepit dolls would result in an art project. I have three. this is the nicest one. xo margie


Vision and Verb has a new look and a new look means things to learn before we can post there.  I spent most of the evening trying to get a password, no one's fault, just the wires were crossed and it seemed glitchy.  Our gracious hostess Marcie Scudder sorted me out and I think I'm ready […]

And just like that ….

Two years later, we finally have a sold sign on our house. And now the new adventure begins. My yoga has fallen by the wayside.But I am eating a ton of watermelon & feta salad. For the time being we are hoping to move into a one bedroom house in our town.I am about to […]


I have been spending some time with my people, it is amazing how you have little time left for other things when there is so much celebrating going on.  Thank you for your good wishes, I had a fabulous week.  I spent time with some of my favourite girls who are eleven and eight – […]