our sweet friends zev and mish were scheduled to arrive here in canada last night, a well deserved vacation from their business, the rainbow inn, in eleuthera, bahamas.  they were in nassau preparing for the last leg of their trip when word that hurricane irene had been upgraded and would likely pass directly over their […]

pack off

ironic as it may seem kath and i are both moving within a few days of each other the soeurs will load up and move out the emails back and forth are full of moving profanity pitch! sell! garbage! donate! and then finally pack please be patient, we'll be back  right now, we are engaged […]

On Finding Balance

As I pack I unearth journals, I go through the hard drive of an old computer and I find myself reading my own writing and to my surprise finding words of wisdom…. October, 2004 On Finding Balance, I seek balance, we all do. As I imagine myself standing on the seesaw that represents my life, […]