I promised you pics of the hats and then I got distracted with backing up photos, reading and enjoying creating hats for a friend’s baby. I’ve been walking for exercise too – just a little bit but it is a start. My Jenny Craig diet is starting to show results and I feel motivated to […]

Provence to Paris

Spent the day touring huge chateau in the Loire valley.  Beautiful.  Took the train from Provence to paris this morning.  Loved the train ride. Everything very expensive. Wine is cheap. Not much shopping. The countryside is beautiful and of course everything is so old.   Lots of sight seeing.  Wine tastings are over but it was […]

End of summer!

It is the end of summer. Time for this gal’s tootsies to go into shoes so I am treating them to a farewell pedicure. I have chosen a lovely orange shade of polish to match the leaves that are starting to turn. Did I tell you that as part of my fall makeover I’m doing […]

ducks in a row

Since July 15 I have been preoccupied.  I didn't realize that moving would be such a physical challenge, every single thing we owned had to be handled, assessed and dealt with. Of course, as with all big jobs, it seems the only way  to an organized finish is to create absolute chaos in the process. […]

Nine Years Later

This deserves a repost as Barry and I embark on a new adventure together. We are finally moved and settled into our little apartment.  It was seven nine years ago, Labour Day Monday.   I wasn't having much fun sitting in my house in Ottawa. I had spent the entire weekend at home, I wasn't answering […]


i hope you can take a moment on this first weekend of september to sit quietly before the door opens to welcome the next season september is such a beautiful month warm days, cool nights school's in, people are back in business the hazy lazy days of summer are behind us take a moment enjoy […]

a trick

i cannot resist a cookbook even though nearly every recipe under the sun can be found on the internet.  i like to read a cookbook, i sit down and read from the first page.  i love to cook and you can often find me flipping through a cookbook at the bookstore.  a few months ago […]