iPhone – iLove – weLove

It is no secret that Margie and I love our gadgets.  Especially our iPhones. They have turned into perfect little helpers …. For instance, we can check our hair No mirror required. (and much more subtle when you're in a public place!) Margie and I will often send pictures of ourselves back and forth. We […]

a post?

i had to laugh yesterday when i saw kath's "post". haven't we all played the "good enough" game. those days when you just can't get your act together  a committment looms and you throw out something that is just good enough well, here you go otto was here and so was i xo margie

weekend guests

i love this photo, look at the legs in the air two boys in a tub feet-sela love them that would be a brownie for breakfast? twenty four hour of pure bubby bliss nothing beats snuggling on the couch and a gumby movie yes kath, we watched a gumby movie on netflix it was the […]

Barn Owls

A small obsession seems to be developing.If it's small it's okay, right?   After making the owl pillow, I seem to be finding owls everywhere. This kit is going to make a cute wee pillow, perhaps it will be my newest pin cushion. And this is going to make Margie jealous. My new business card […]

An Old Barn

I started with a photo of an old barnwhich is actually a new barn.  I wanted an old barn, could I do it? I started to play in Photoshop. Meh, still not what I wanted better, but still not right I still don't like it. I am going to spend some time learning how to […]

a stick and a curve ball

i hate a curve ball, for that matter, who likes a curve ball?  my life is filled with agendas, apps, post it notes, journals and a Heart and Stroke calendar because i have enough trouble keeping track of where and when i am supposed to be without a curve ball.  the curve ball that came […]