Greetings, we send them this time of year to those we don’t see very often. We receive them in the mail. I get them at work piled on my desk hand delivered by coworkers. I am going to buy cards today and send them out. I think it is a valuable tradition that I need […]


sharing "to give a portion to" i saw these two in the old city of jerusalem the sister is negotiating with her younger brother trying to convince him that sharing   his chocolate would be the altruistic thing to do join us at mortal muses xo margie

Reverb 9 (actually 11) Health!

Health and wellness – What did you do in 2011 to improve your overall health/fitness/wellness? What unhealthy habits would you like to break in the new year? With what healthy habits would you replace them? I should be doing something to improve my counting skills – somehow we missed Reverb 9 so I've renumbered and […]

reverb 11 – wise

What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? we moved.  we lived in our beautiful penthouse condo for a little over a year and then one day we were out for a walk and just around the corner we found an old loft condo for sale.  it was […]