i spent time waiting for my turn at the Heart Institute today. just a routine test but as you can well imagine, it's a busy place.  i come prepared to wait when i go to the hospital, we are lucky that we have access to universal health care and i do not mind waiting.  i […]

think about it

kath and i are taking an e-course with kim klassen.  sometimes i have to laugh because kim is just like our teachers of by-gone years; she ends her emails with a "do your homework every day" comment.  i wish i had a dime for all the times i said those words! it was a beautiful […]


i see a theme in my life lately.  i came across this old photo and it made me think about hands. these are my grandson danny's hands.  at the end of each day these little hands are filthy with experiences and adventures, a day in the life of danny.   my hands have been busy […]

Back in Action

We are home safe and sound. I loved this holiday, it was complete relaxation the entire time. Of course there were people we didn't get to see and some that we didn't get enough time with but we fit in just the right amount of visiting balanced nicely with "us" time. Yesterday Barry and I […]

Gap in service v. 2

We haven’t forgotten about you. This gap in service is because we are cozied up together at Margie’s house. It is cold outside, ice sparkles on the trees and we know this because Andy and Barry report to us when they come in. Margie and I haven’t left the house in over 24 hours. Wine, […]

the gap in service

both the soeurs are busy writing these days, we have our gratitude journals, kath has her morning pages and me with my later in the day pages.    i hope the GAP reads this blog and feels appropriately grateful.   i bought a sweater, a t-shirt and two scarves at the GAP on sunday. g*d […]