kath and i have signed up for a few courses, harry david was born and i was thrown off track almost immediately.  i came home with the intention of catching up, doing my homework and ultimately learning something.  i had a preconceived notion of what i wanted to accomplish, what i needed to do, how […]


All around me there are signs that our dreams of spring will come true. We went for a walk and saw a robin, snow drops and buds on the trees. My winter snow boots arrived after being replaced by the manufacturer (Thank you Sorel Canada) and now I won't need them. We may have found […]


it's very easy for me to ignore, abuse or miss the signs that my body is being affected by my own behaviour and environment.  i constantly judge myself based on my physical performance and i want to shine all the time.   i forget to stop what i am doing and shift over to "being". […]

…. and on that note

  Did you read Andy's comment yesterday?  You should. I've been at this a couple of hours, finding props, setting the scene, finding the light, setting the scene again, watching lessons, learning how to install gradient maps and fonts into photoshop, trying different textures and styles.  It has been an entirely satisfying way to spend […]

Saturday Morning 1, 2, 3

Three day weekends are the best. It feels like an endless amount of time to complete all those things on your list. I, as always, have a huge list. We are into Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy, a television show about motorcycle gangs that has us glued to the couch. I have brought some […]


I am doing my homework and am working on creating mosaics of photos. Of all the photos of the baby that I took, I am drawn to these six. They were taken over the course of a minute about twelve hours after he was born. The sweet baby photos that I took are wonderful, but […]