Packin up!

We are moving again on Saturday. Every night we take a car load to the new abode. Tomorrow night will be our last night in this little house. Do you love my new vintage suitcase? It will soon be my knitting box. I can hear margie being jealous but heck she is on a Beach […]

ten things we both love!!! we love being sisters we love knitting we love a good recipe we love taking photographs we love strong coffee we both love our hair we love books, all kinds we love our apple orchard (iPod, iPad, Iphone, etc.) we both love a headache pill we love old typewriters and […]

knitting advice

my knitting experience has been very short, just a few weeks in fact but during that time i've observed that knitting isn't that different from life: don't address a problem until you have sat down at the table and looked at it closely you can start over, it's not the end of the world don't […]


march has not arrived alone.  she dragged with her some freezing temperatures, -20 C, and later this week some balmy highs of 12 C. what the heck?  we have had crazy wind, bright sun, freezing rain, white outs, melting and then freezing. i have been working on my beyond layers and if hitting pause and reverse […]