Sunday morning orange

The sisters are hooked on orange lately. Eating, wearing, decorating … orange is the new black. That "to go" breakfast in the photo is what this Sunday morning looks like. I am at work, but with good reason. Margie is coming to visit (yay) and I have booked Friday as a day off to be […]

go out and play

playing with lightroom, my new best friend. buttons and mason jars, my new passion. listening to bruce cockburn. making homemade pizza. with wine. and episodes of mad men, nurse jackie and game of thrones. kath, what are you up to? margie

weekend wonders

a mini road trip to visit family loading up the new sewing machine, reading the manual a little present for kath tulips on the dinner table hamburgers and hotdogs to celebrate the end of passover a play off game, go sens go kath and if have found yet another way to be long distance sisters. […]

Lost & Found – Geneen Roth

Lost & Found by Geneen Roth – an appropriate book title for Margie and I. It is like we have been lost. March and the beginning of April were certainly lost months for us both. We got sidetracked, moving, vacations, good things. We are fortunate in that we didn't lose what Geneen Roth did, she […]