Dear marg,

Did you know that I compete with you when I play bejeweled blitz on my iPad. Sometimes I play for too long trying to beat your score. I think I have to concede that you might be a better player than me. Playing games takes me away from my knitting. Pinky, the blanket is half […]

do i have to?

before i get started i just want to take a moment and remind everyone that this time last year, i was in paris.   my sister sent me a message, can you do a post tomorrow?  i replied with a resounding, mais oui, but in my heart i was saying do i have to?  our […]

What drives us …

We've been talking and texting a lot about what drives us to do this. We truly love sharing our lives on-line. We spend more time talking about what we want to blog about than actually jumping in and well, blogging, but I am feeling a renewed commitment from us both. I wander off and lose […]

paris or not

the sisters have been sick, lifting our heads only to moan and groan at the two poor souls barry and andy.   kath and i texted back and forth about how we behave when we are sick.  she gives in, accepts whatever ailment has come her way and hunkers down with a goal of healthier. […]

Both sisters

Chicken soup and ginger ale.Pyjamas and blankets.Watching tv with closed eyes.Moaning texts to each other "u awake" "yes dying of headache" "me too aches and pains all over" "too sick to even knit" we will be back m&k (no hugs and kisses we don't want to share the sick)


We have that board on Pinterest called "follow the rules". I forgot to tell you that I scored a handful at a garage sale last weekend.  After a summer of searching antique stores and garage sales I finally had enough to finish the top of the doctor's cabinet.  The top surface of the cabinet was […]

one more thing

a few times a week kath and i have a cyber lunch together.  the phone rings the second kath starts her lunch hour and ends with "i have to go back to work". fairly often it is a meeting of the soeurs with an agreed to agenda but just as often it is a haphazard […]

more leaves turning

for many years my anticipation of the first day of school was always a little crowded with apprehension, wardrobe dilemma and a school bag full of nerves.  a new school or the move from grade school to high school left me paralyzed by the thought of failure; not failure in the "report card" department, failure […]