Happy New Year

I wrote a very long post, I somehow moved away from the document without saving it and I have been sitting too long to recreate it – I shall give you the short simple list Grateful Happy  Barry's Birthday today Champagne Naps Healing Love Books Naps  Being awake in the middle of the night Out […]

pooh pooh

that's what we say when we wish someone good luck.   we twirl the fingers of one hand above the person's head and say pooh pooh. photo courtesy of woodley wonderworks kath pooh pooh have a good surgery tomorrow!! xo margie  


busy times   we have studio space with twelve talented artists and i was encouraged to participate in a recent gallery show.  yes, those photos up there are mine.   cold weather inspires my cooking, a recent brunch for some of the kids kath isn't the only one knitting and speaking of my poor kath […]