Bubbie’s Little World

I used to work in a plant store in my teens, my part-time job during school. Saturdays were spent watering, repotting and tidying up  the plants in the store. I liked that job. I was a container gardener. I remember being blissfully excited at the prospect of gardening on a large scale when we  bought […]

Our summers were not Provence to Paris, but were Ottawa to Rideau Ferry … I love cottage life, we don’t have one now, but I have such wonderful memories, the musty smell when the door first creaked open after a long winter. Running to see and touch those forgotten toys and books of last summer. […]

my journal is gone

we have lost our dear charley to a stroke.  in the eight years that charley i spent together, most days just the two of us, it never crossed my mind that the one thing that we would share would be a stroke.  if you don’t know the story you can read it here, charley. very quickly […]

We went to New York, Barry and I, in February. A quick weekend getaway. Spontaneous and badly needed after my winter of recuperating. This store window on Fifth Avenue made me smile. That, I thought, is a window that perfectly depicts the Soeurs. Two cities, two knitters, two bookish sisters. xo Kath