It occurs to me that, for some of us, our homes always hold some of our personal energy, even when we are away from them. There are times where wanting to go home, “I need to go home now”, becomes an urgent desire. Heading home to replenish our souls, to recharge our energy, to be […]

Play time …

We like to play and colour. We collect little toys and they appear unexpectedly as part of the decor in our homes. Margie’s troll sits nestled amongst some gorgeous porcelain vases. Margie and I were texting yesterday. Her newest Grandbaby is due four weeks from today We were saying that Harry is probably going to […]

coffee time

coffee time is a little like the chicken and the egg, which came first?  i most certainly need that cup of java in the morning and another mid-afternoon, i make the time to brew and enjoy my coffee.  i am particular about the cup, i have many and depending on my mood i do actually […]

Clear and Cold

You lose touch with feelings, ideas, friends and even the weather when you step away for a while.  Barry and I have lived in Southern Ontario for ten years, we’ve grown soft with our mild winter temperatures and skimpy snow falls.  We drove to Ottawa at Christmas, wanting to be amongst the first to toast […]


andy and i have moved yet again, this time for the last time.  we had a vision of where and how retirement would play out for us and i am happy to say that we have landed exactly where we want to be.  it is a townhouse in a neighbourhood we like with enough space […]