be still – two


it’s been almost two years since we lost charley to a stroke, just another way she was in step with me.  a few months later we brought home mickey, a silver lab, born the same day charley died.  i am the first to admit that i am slightly detached from our new pup, i miss the strong bond that i had with charley and anyone that has experienced life with a puppy, well, you know what it is like, even at two years still a pup.  puppies see the world as a kaleidoscope of adventure and will take any risk to enjoy life, mickey is no exception.  she has eaten passports, expensive boots (mine), the short ribs thawing on the counter, money….but she comes when she is called, she walks beside as if she had years of obedience training.  we still have not bonded.  she tries all the time, i try sometimes.

this afternoon i worked on this photo for my be still class with kim klassen.   it was challenging because i had spent several hours with the eye doctor and the usual blur that i fight with was amplified by eye drops and tests.  the good news is there are no signs of any serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, the bad news is that one of my strokes has effected my sight.  i just can’t see the way i used to.   cutting edge lenses have been ordered, regular visits to the eye clinic have been scheduled and i am under the watchful eye of a very good eye doctor.

it is what it is and as i squinted and muttered the odd curse as i worked on the photo.  be still, take time to breathe and see clearly.  i am hoping that i will see mickey in a new light.  as a second pair of eyes that will help me seek the sunlight and the sticks.


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