Paris #1


The ill fated metro, andy encountered a pick pocket before we reached our apartment. After the initial shock we decided it is what it is and there was nothing we could do to change it.  Our landlord Christophe was an immense help cancelling credit cards and then insisting that we walk through the neighbourhood with him.  We are staying in the tenth arrondissement, once home to the fashion trades and now to Internet businesses.  A very hipster area with a perfect mix of ethnicity.    

 After coffee and croissants we visited the Musee de Montmartre and the Salvatore Dali museum, drank cold beers in a sidewalk cafe resting our tired feet.  Two hundred stairs up to the top of Montmartre reminded us why everyone is so slim here. 

A secret staircase to the Renoir gardens, a peaceful spot filled with grapevines, bee hives and flowers. 


An artist’s atelier preserved from the Belle Époque era. 


The bar next door hosted a children’s party. Later that night we enjoyed a rum concoction and listened to a DJ spin electronic music, still with streamers and balloons. 


Getting too old to be the last ones on the street!  

 A demain!  


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  1. Quite jealous. Afraid I am going to have to settle for art museums of the Midwest. Hope the pick pocket was the last of your bad luck!

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