Great start….

I  thought I would post something, a picture and words, but I had a problem, I could not remember how to use WordPress. I will be adding ‘watch tutorials’ to my list of things to keep me occupied.

I am reading a lot and so is Margie. We recommend so many books to each other, my Kobo is full and my Kindle is getting there. I have two books out of the library. Our book collections are so extensive right now that we text each other, “I need another book” – we can’t decide what to read next.

I just finished The Invisible Guardian by Dolores Redondo , beautifully translated from Spanish, a crime thriller that explores our relationships with family, cultural beliefs and secrets along with the battle between good and evil. I highly recommend this  book, it is well written and although the genre might be commercial fiction, this certainly falls into the literature category.

I am now reading Shelter by Jung Yun which will be released on March 15. I am halfway through and can already advise you to put this book on your wish list.

I am no longer working, I spend most of time resting to keep extreme fatigue at bay. Books are as necessary as breathing to my existence.

“Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.”

Mason Cooley


While I am busy recommending, I will share this too, the candle is “Frasier Fir” by Thymes. It is my absolute favourite for winter.

Now, to figure out how to post a photo that is not XXL.

Cheers, Kath xo



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