Paris, once more 

Croissants, coffee, Picasso museum,  a brocante flea market, falafel lunch with wine and cold beer at the  Marche des Enfants Rouge, walking over 8 kilometres and the night is young.               

Paris, again

Considering our family is in the bakery business and we are not strangers to good bread, I have to admit there is some delicious bread here.         The Musee d’Orsay has a fabulous Italian art nouveau exhibit.          Giverny – Monet at his best.                mk     

Paris #1

  The ill fated metro, andy encountered a pick pocket before we reached our apartment. After the initial shock we decided it is what it is and there was nothing we could do to change it.  Our landlord Christophe was an immense help cancelling credit cards and then insisting that we walk through the neighbourhood […]


The dock is in now, a few big family members solved that problem last weekend.  Andy and I are saying goodbye to Redstone Lake for a few weeks and saying hello to the Seine, departing tomorrow night and landing Sunday  morning in Paris.  After consultation with the soeur I’ve packed the chosen lenses and my […]


  it’s only one thing and it shouldn’t be that hard to finish, truth be told it wasn’t that difficult to begin it happens to me all the time, one thing comes to my mind unbidden, appearing out of nowhere or coming with a lot of other little things impersonating ideas  there it sits, in […]


our fishing lures a few years ago we came across an old tackle box, filled with lures some old, some new, they hang on a wire strung across a window at the cottage love them xo