a. and i were five minutes away from meeting kath when my cell phone rang. "marg, i am waiting outside the rendezvous and there's a problem." we had planned to rendezvous at a restaurant called the rendezvous.  well, the rendezvous was a strip bar that had seen better days. we laughed our heads off, what a great start to […]

Amazing Friends

 Christina at SoulAperture has bestowed a most lovely gift on us.     Thank you Christina.  I'm sure it is clear to you by now that  Margie and I share an amazing friendship with each other, I think I can safely say that each of us is very lucky to have the other.  We have some […]

l’shana tova!

fall, a favourite time of year for many of us for many different reasons.  school starts, schedules realign, routines resurface, NFL football returns, yeah i know i am canadian but we are an NFL family all the way, but now it is holiday time.  the jewish new year, roshashana is this week, and today, i […]


Over on the recipe du jours part of our little world here, I’ve mentioned our mother a couple of times now.   She is called Granny.   She became Granny over thirty years ago and when the grandchildren and great-grandchildren outnumbered the children we all started to call her Granny.  When I talk to her I call […]


look at this little guy sitting calmly behind the grown ups. he is comfortable that no one will back up and step on him, he is not in a rush to eat, the big kids let him eat first.  the big kids, of course, are his siblings.  over the years we have had kids come […]